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by Emma Richardson

  1. Go to the ECBOCES Website
  2. Click on the link to Professional Development.
    • Click on the link to Professional Development.

    • Click on the Math icon

    • Click on the link to Math Units of Study.

    • The Math Units are sorted by Grade Level or Course Level at the High School Level.

    • Click on the Level name that you want to expand that section.

    • You can click on any of the folders in the top section to browse the individual files.

    • The files with the green arrow icons are zip files that will allow you to download a whole section or the entire course to your computer.

    • At the bottom of each grade level/subject area, there is also a section of Additional Resources including a link to full curriculum in Smart Notebook format.

    • The file that you download to your computer will be zipped. To access the documents you will need to unzip the file.

    • When you double click on the file, it should open up in a window. Look for the Extract link in the toolbar and click on it.

    • On the next screen, click on Extract All.

    • Then, in the pop up window, select where you would like to keep the Math Units and click on Extract.

    • You will now have a folder (or several folders) full of documents ready to use.

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